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If you are looking for some information on acupuncture about your illness or disease and are ready to go to an acupuncture clinic, this website will provide a wealth of information for you to make the best choice.


Clinic d¡¯Acupuncture Chinois ¨¤ Montr¨¦al is at the intersection of Côte-St-Catherine and Chemin de la Côte-Des-Neiges of Montr¨¦al, about 100 meter far from the Jewish General Hospital. Before you go to the clinic, it is very convenient for you to have a cup of coffee or a meal while you park the car at Subway or Tim Horton¡¯s or MacDonald. You can park your car along Linton Street or Kent Street without fee. Of course, remember to check the time when parking is allowed. If you need fast, easy parking, there are two underground garages available beside the clinic.


Clinic d¡¯Acupuncture Chinois ¨¤ Montr¨¦al is in the building of Medical Center, suite 100, 5885 chemin de la Côte-Des-Neiges. When you enter the clinic, you will receive a warm greeting and be pleased with the neat and elegant environment.


The services provided by Clinic d¡¯Acupuncture Chinois ¨¤ Montr¨¦al focus mainly on acupuncture, also including osteopathy, naturopathy and massotherapy. Compared to the Western medicine or general medicine, acupuncture is more suitable for the treatments of muscle and soft tissue injuries or pain caused by nerve compression and injuries, non-infectious inflammation, paralysis due to the injured nerve and inflammation, dysfunctions of hormone and emotion, complications after cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy, etc.


There are two medical practitioners routinely available in the Clinic d¡¯Acupuncture Chinois ¨¤ Montr¨¦al, Madam Li, Sheng Ying and Mr. Yang. Madam Li is mainly engaged in acupuncture and herbology. Madam Li studied in China for 5 years at a university of traditional Chinese medicine and later obtained a master's degree in acupuncture. Madam Li had been engaged in acupuncture and herbology at a provincial general hospital in China for nearly two decades. She worked as a Director in the department of acupuncture. Madam Li¡¯s parents are also engaged in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in famous hospitals. The university education combined with the parental professional experiences has made Madam Li an excellent specialist in acupuncture and herbology.


Madam Li was the member of Chinese Society of acupuncture and the member of Chinese Society of Chinese herbology, and also the council of the Rheumatology Society in China. Madam Li is currently the members of Ordre des acupuncteurs du Qu¨¦bec, Soci¨¦t¨¦ des Ost¨¦opathes du Qu¨¦bec and Acad¨¦mie des Naturopathes et Naturoth¨¦rapeutes du Canada.


Madam Li worked for three years in the Centre m¨¦dical de Carron in Chinatown, Montreal. And for periods of time, she attended the study group for lung cancer in Jewish General Hospital to treat the patients with acupuncture and herbs.


Madam Li has extensive experience in the treatment of certain diseases and the effect is extremely significant. For example, in the treatment of acute pain or spasms, the symptoms can be significantly improved after several treatments. The clinic has treated hundreds of patients and helped them to recover from acute back pain, acute arthritis and facial paralysis. For the treatment of chronic pain, the effect is also particularly significant. For example, people with stiff neck, chronic lumbar muscle strain caused by a long-term sitting position work, and lower back pain, can recover completely after treatments. Other diseases suitable for treatment with acupuncture and herbs include irregular menstruation, allergies, eczema, and anxiety, depression, and insomnia caused by high levels of mental stress.


Another person in routine practice in the Clinic d¡¯Acupuncture Chinois ¨¤ Montr¨¦al, Mr. Yang, had a clinical practitioner license of western medicine (general medicine) in China and had the membership of Epidemiology Society both in China and Canada. Mr. Yang is also a member of Soci¨¦t¨¦ Nouvelle de Massoth¨¦rapie du Qu¨¦bec. Mr. Yang had studied traditional Chinese medicine for more than a year in China. The clinical medical knowledge and experiences help Mr. Yang to make precise diagnoses and evaluations of the disease. This can also help to provide professional counseling and therapeutic massage.


The two medical practitioners in the Clinic d¡¯Acupuncture Chinois ¨¤ Montr¨¦al have a perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to provide patients with medical services in a higher quality.


The Clinic d¡¯Acupuncture Chinois ¨¤ Montr¨¦al provides receipts and invoices for the insurances of acupuncture, osteopathy, naturopathy and massotherapy, including the insurances from SAAQ and CSST (CNESST).


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