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If you are searching for the information about treatments by traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, or are going to find a clinic of acupuncture for your illness or disease, this website will provide a wealth of information for you to make the best choice.

Clinique dĄŻacupuncture Chinoise à Montréal is at the intersection of Côte-St-Catharine and Côte-Des-Neiges near Jewish General Hospital in Montréal. Before you go to the clinics, it is very convenient for you to have a cup of coffee or eat meals while you park the car at Subway or Tim HortonĄŻs or MacDonald. You can park your car freely along Linton Street or Kent Street. Of course, remember to check the time when parking is allowed. If you want fast, easy parking, there are two underground garages available beside the clinic.

Clinique dĄŻacupuncture Chinoise à Montréal is in the building of Medical Center, suite 100, 5885 chemin de la Côte-Des-Neiges. When you enter the clinic, you will receive a warm greeting and be pleased with the neat and elegant environment. Also, you will feel a strong atmosphere of clinic of traditional Chinese medicine.

Clinique dĄŻacupuncture Chinoise à Montréal provides health care services including acupuncture, massotherapy, herbology, Chinese physiotherapy and Qigong. Chinese physiotherapy includes cupping, therapy with thermal herbs, laser therapy, etc. Compared to Western medicine or general medicine, Chinese medicine is suitable for the treatments of injuries of muscles and soft tissue, pains or paralyses due to the injured nerve and inflammation, dysfunctions of hormone and emotion, complications after cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy, etc.

There are usually two doctors in the clinic. One of them is Dr. Sheng Ying Li who engages mainly in acupuncture and herbs. Dr. Li studied traditional Chinese medicine for five years in a university of China and obtained her master's degree in the field of research on acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Dr. Li had worked in a general hospital of China for more than 20 years in the field of traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture. Dr. LiĄŻs professional expertises in acupuncture and herbs have been perfected by the working experiences of her own and her parents who were also the doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in China.

In China, Dr. Li was a member of the society of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and a member of the council for rheumatology in Henan province. Now, she is the member of Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec and Commission des Praticiens en Médecines Douces du Québec.

Dr. Li worked for three years in Centre médical de Carron in downtown, Montreal. And for periods of time, Dr. Li attended the study group of lung cancer for half year in Jewish General Hospital to treat the patients with acupuncture and herbs.

Dr. Li has accumulated much experience about some illnesses and the treatment effects are extremely remarkable. Acute pain and facial paralysis can be much improved only after several times of treatments. Usually, after one course or less than three courses of treatments, the pain and paralysis would even be cured completely. Some other illnesses or diseases can also be cured or significantly improved, such as neck and back pains, irregular menstruation, allergies, stress, insomnia, migraine, etc.

There is another doctor working regularly in Clinique dĄŻacupuncture Chinoise à Montréal. Dr. Yang, as a clinical doctor of western medicine in China, has the membership of epidemiology society both in China and Canada, and the license for natural therapy from Commission des Praticiens en Médecines Douces du Québec. Dr. Yang has also some experience of traditional Chinese medicine. The combined knowledge of general medicine and traditional Chinese medicine enable Dr. Yang to give exact diagnosis, professional consultation and massotherapy.

The two doctors, working regularly in Clinique dĄŻacupuncture Chinoise à Montréal, perfectly combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine and would provide high quality of treatment services of traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition to the doctors, there are also two other part-time professionals who can provide massotherapy.

The clinic provides insurance receipts for acupuncture, massage, naturopathy and osteopathy. Also the clinic can receive the insurance from SAAQ and CSST.

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